MGCCC’s iWork Program Helps Students Find Jobs

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College has opened up a whole new world of job training opportunities to unemployed south Mississippians. News 25’s Kristen Durand introduces us to one Gulfport man who went from being unemployed, with a family to support, to working a full time job in just a few months. All thanks to the college’s iWork program.
Just a few months ago, Ivan Scuderi was an unemployed college student with a family to support. “Well, it was pretty hard and it was an obstacle for our family but the way I grew up, never give up. Always work, no matter what.”
And that hard work has paid off. Ivan was able to earn money while working in his field of study during his last semester of college. The college’s iWork program has landed him back in the full time workforce as an auto technician.
Virginia Overstreet, with MGCCC, said, “A lot of times, people graduate and because they do not have the experience necessary, they’re not able to find employment. So, this is something that is going to help them.”
Ivan is one of the many success stories of MGCCC’s iWork program. The supervisors at Turan Foley Motors say these internships are a win-win for both students and industry sponsors. “This industry is in dire need of technicians,” said Wayne Karl, service manager for Turan Foley Motors, “We have a lot of older guys in the building getting ready to retire and we need guys that are going to come in this type of program and succeed.”
MGCCC has been able to put 24 students into paid internships, and even full time positions, with local industry partners. This is all in thanks to a grant by the Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District. “Many of these students have been unemployed for a long time and were seeking employment and with this program, we were able to help them bridge that gap and also to allow their family to have income for the amount of time that they were interning,’ said Overstreet.
Income that kept the Scuderi family up and running and that armed Ivan with the skills he’d need in his chosen profession. “I’m still learning every day about the job. But, you know, I want to tell everybody to never give up your dreams. I’m 40 and it’s never too late.”

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