MGCCC’S Chance Lovertich feeding off doubters

Mississippi Gulf Coast will attempt to play in a National Championship game right after Thanksgiving, led by sophomore Quarterback Chance Lovertich.

His success is well-documented throughout high school and college with an all-time combined record as a starter of 56-1.

All those wins later, Lovertich is finally getting some love at the division I level, having recently pulled in his first D-1 offer from South Alabama. “You’ve got a D1 school out there that believes in you that you can get the job done and to me, I mean that’s everything. Cause I feel like I’ve kind of been overlooked in that regard with what I bring to the table and I feel like I bring – I bring a high level to the table and them just giving me that offer, that’s just them believing in me. And I appreciate that.”

MGCCC Head Football Coach Jack Wright said, “The recruiting process has given him a chip on his shoulder. There were very few offers coming out of high school. And up until the midpoint of this season, very little attention in recruiting from four-year schools. So that has only motivated him more.”

The Bulldogs will be taking on Lackawanna in the national title game on December 5th.

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