MGCCC Move In Day

Students brought their sheets, pillows, and decorations to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College this afternoon as part of move-in day.
MGCCC Bulldogs started moving in as early as 10 a.m. and some were nervous being on the campus for the first time.
There are mixed emotions coming from MGCCC freshmen roommates Kaitlyn Breland and E’dee Liles. Kaitlyn was born and raised in Perkinston and is minutes away from home, but still has some jitters about her first year of college. “I think it’s kind of gonna be scary because there’s going to be a lot of people and a lot of new people. I think it’ll be okay, I think it’ll be fun and a good adventure.”
E’dee took a course at MGCCC in Perkinston during her senior year of high school. She tells News 25 it helped her become familiar with the campus and see what a college course was like. “I highly recommend it because it also helps you with your grades. You only have one class to worry about and you have all the time in the world to study for it, along with your high school class but it’s pretty easy and it helps a lot.”
Even though Kaitlyn and E’dee have been friends since middle school, they do have a little concern about cleanliness when living together, especially making their beds in the morning. “Yeah, we kind of purposely came to the same school. I guess just ‘because we wanted to room together and everything,” said Kaitlyn.
Residence assistants wanted to make students feel welcome in their new home. They decorated the doors, hallways, and lobby at Bryan Hall on the Perkinston campus. Overall, move in day went well.
“It’s going really smoothly,” said E’dee, “We’ve had a couple bumps with the rain and stuff but everybody’s getting all their stuff in and they can bring stuff in tomorrow, too.”
Students have today and tomorrow to relax and set up their dorm rooms. Classes start back up on campus this Friday.

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