MGCCC Jackson County Campus Celebrates 50 Years

Fifty years from now students and faculty at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s Jackson County campus will open a time capsule full of memories of what the Jackson County campus is like today. The campus celebrated its 50th anniversary today by burying the capsule.
Vivian Dailey remembers her very first day of college at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s Jackson County campus, just after they first open their doors 50 years ago. “First anticipation, you had to come and register and we planned our schedule and then just the learning the location of things but that wasn’t very hard because there weren’t very many things here to locate.”
Fifty years later the campus has more buildings and more classes, including those with a worldwide reach, something unthinkable back in the sixties. Today faculty, staff and students celebrated 50 years of education and growth. MGCCC President Mary Graham said, “One thing I’m proud of is our employees and our current students, they’re so adaptable and flexible. We’re all about student success.”
The time capsule filled with memorabilia from the Jackson County campus will be buried until October 22nd, 2065 on their 100th anniversary. Vice President of the Jackson County campus Carmen Walters said, “We have our catalog and all of our brochures, information about our students and our faculty. I think they will be surprised to find that we had such a rich history. I think they will use all of that to take this college even further.”
The campus has a master plan to ensure the growth and success for another successful 50 years.
As for Vivian Dailey, the Jackson County campus will always hold a special place in her heart, not just because of the great education she received. “My husband Larry, of 46 years, and I started dating when we were here on this campus.”
MGCCC kicked off homecoming this week. This Saturday, they’ll have plenty of activities on their Perkinston campus and the MGCCC vs. Itawamba game. For more details on the homecoming festivities, visit

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