Medical Partnership to Fight Diabetes

One out of every eleven people in America lives with diabetes. That number is even higher in Mississippi, but that number could decrease thanks to a new partnership between the National Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute at Tradition and the Cleveland Clinic.
As News 25’s Kristen Durand reports, it’s a partnership that could make Mississippi a leading destination for world class diabetes and obesity research.
Tradition Developer Joseph Canizaro said, “You can lose your arms, your legs, and you can go blind. I mean it kills people.”
Canizaro’s passion for diabetes research and drive to find a cure comes from his personal experience living with Type 2 diabetes. He, along with Governor Phil Bryant and many others, share a vision to erase Mississippi’s name as the leading state for obesity and diabetes by creating the best research center in America in Mississippi. This was all made possible through a partnership from the National Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute and the Cleveland Clinic. Richard Shewbridge, MD with the Cleveland Clinic said, “We want to do better with diabetes education. We want to bring some of our expertise from Cleveland Clinic in the area of care paths to help standardize care for patients with diabetes in Mississippi and then get a world class researcher here to help develop those research programs that we need to help move towards a cure.”
Currently one out of every five people in Mississippi is living with diabetes. That’s about 20 percent of the population. Officials say there’s no better place to conduct this groundbreaking research. “That’s what we think. That’s what Cleveland Clinic thinks. That’s what’s important. They can be anywhere in the world. They’ve got a huge reputation, they’re number one in America in heart and number three in America in Diabetes,” said Canizaro.
The disease hits especially close to home for Governor Phil Bryant, who lost his mother to the harrowing disease years ago. “I saw the suffering and pain and anguish of the terrible, dreaded disease that we fight here today slowly took her life. If we can stop that from happening in one life, it will be worth all the effort.”

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