Lottery is a big win for Mississippi

You may have noticed old roads being paved or new school books, or laptops, for your children, but did you know the lottery may have paid for it?

The state highway fund was created when the lottery law was passed in 2018. The first 80 million dollars in proceeds from the lottery is allocated to the Mississippi Department of Transportation for ten years.

All proceeds after the first 80 million goes to education.

This year, the Mississippi Lottery Corporation has sent $192.5 million, 14 million more than in 2021, with more to come.

Since 2018, each county in the sixth district has had at least one large road repaved including Highway 90 and Highway 49.

Mississippi residents are able to have better and safer roads because of these lottery funds. MDOT District 6 Engineer Kelly Castleberry said, “It will reduce wear and tear on their automobiles. They will have a smoother drive. We’re able to fix safety issues that occur based on aged pavements over time. And at the end of the day, you know, any resident that uses the lottery, or does not use the lottery, they can walk out their door and see where those lottery funds are at.”

The Mega Millions drawing, with a jackpot of $685 million, is tonight at 10 p.m.

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