Long Beach remembers two long-time Rotary Club members

The Long Beach community is mourning the loss of two Rotary Club members who made a huge impact in the city.

Long Beach Rotary Club members Karen Livengood and Ted Molesworth were best friends who were in the club for more than ten years.

Molesworth was the chair of the Rotary Foundation and Livengood was lead organizer and treasurer of the Rotary Club.  They both were actively involved in promoting youth services.

Livengood died on February 18th from heart issues. Just five days later, on February 23rd, Molesworth died from a long battle with cancer.

Their unexpected deaths still shock the community. Rotary Club member Jason Lindholm said, “They were two of the most giving people you could possibly imagine. Their legacy is to give back to the world and try to make it a better place. To remember them, they are going to want other people to do the same.”

Molesworth was laid to rest on Monday. A memorial service for Livengood will be held this spring.

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