Long Beach Named 9th Safest City in Mississippi

An online survey released Thursday by Safe Choice Security announces Long Beach as one of the 14 safest cities in Mississippi. The survey, which compared F.B.I. crime statistics, both non-violent and violent, of over 100 cities in Mississippi, officially ranks Long Beach as the number nine safest city in the state.

Long Beach has a violent crime rate of 0.33 crimes and 21.46 property crimes for every thousand citizens, making it safer than 40% of all U.S. cities. The Mayor of Long Beach, Billy Skellie, thanks their hard working police force for keeping their city safe, making it one of the safest places to live on the Gulf Coast.

Skellie says, "We happened to be singled out for this and I’m very pleased, but I think law enforcement and safety for the residents and businesses, I think is a testimony to how it’s attacked, law enforcement is handled all across the Gulf Coast, and I think they do an excellent job."

The Mayor also gives a special thank you to his staff, the police chief, patrolmen and women, investigators, and citizens for keeping Long Beach safe.

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