Local Rivers Approach Flood Stages

Rain across south Mississippi has caused rivers in the area to rise close to flood levels.

Over the past four days, Harrison County alone has seen between three and five inches of rain. Thursday, there was a break from the tropical like conditions, with the majority of the rain pushing off to the west. Emergency Management Director, Rupert Lacy, says that even though we didn’t see much rain Thursday, there is still plenty to be concerned about.

He says, "The bad part, the grounds are saturated. We still have water being held in ditches and there’s a lot of water that has ponded in some of the river basin areas along the Biloxi River. So any rain, an inch or two inches of rain, would of course would re-effect that river."

Lacy says the best advice he can give to those who travel in the rain is to slow down and use their headlights.

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