Local Church Aims to Help Immigrant Children in Mississippi

In recent months, the debate on immigration has shifted from undocumented workers coming from Mexico to refugee children fleeing war-torn countries.

Friday, El Pueblo, a Methodist church advocating for immigrants, held a training session for leaders in the Gulf Coast community. Some leaders in attendance had already been instrumental in assisting Filipino immigrants legally establish in Biloxi. Now they are focusing on assisting young, unaccompanied children coming into Mississippi.

Jenny Searcy of Seashore Mission says, “I had a five year old and a seven year old in here last week, and Helen did the motion to transfer venue for them, and they said, ‘Do you want them to sign it?’ And I said, ‘Yes, I want them to see a five year old and seven year’s signature on this motion.’”

The group, through Seashore Mission, is helping children navigate the legal process of applying for asylum and protection.

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