Loaves and Fishes finds new home

We have some good news today! Loaves and Fishes has found a new home.

With help from the community, the charity will be able to continue feeding the hungry without missing a day.

Loaves and Fishes last day at their current beach view location on Water Street will be Christmas with their temporary home being at Back Bay Mission starting December 28th.

Breakfast and lunch will continue to be served four days a week at the new location. Loaves and Fishes Executive Director Suzanne Guice said, “Back Bay Mission really services the same clients as we do. So, it was a perfect match. They’re already walking back and forth between the two locations. They have the services that we don’t offer and we have the services that they don’t offer. So, it’s just a perfect match to come together.”

Loaves and Fishes hopes to find their permanent home at the Mercy Cross Gym, serving as a full-service care location for the unsheltered, homeless, and those in poverty.

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