Legendary Gulfport Basketball Coach Bert Jenkins Passed Away

Last night, legendary Gulfport High School basketball coach Bert Jenkins passed away at 90 years old. Jenkins’ health declined after suffering a heart attack on Monday.
Friends of Jenkins remember him as a big activist in Civil Rights who stood for equality and what he believed in. Jenkins was in the Battle of the Bulge and lost his leg at 19, preventing him from following his dream to become a college basketball player. He went on to coach the Gulfport High School boys basketball team for 28 years, leading them to victory with seven state championships and 13 Big Eight conference titles.
Gulfport High School’s current basketball coach, Owen Miller, remembers playing on Bert Jenkins’ last team he coached before retiring in 1989. “Everybody who was around him, everybody who was a part of the program or a part of the school, he left a legacy in each of us that will continue to carry on. He will never be forgotten. Every decision we make at Gulfport High in relation to basketball, we ask ourselves ‘What would Coach Jenkins do?’ So, he’s still in me and always will be. I’m just happy to have been a small part of his life.”
Jenkins would have been 91 in November.

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