League of Women Voters have annual meeting in Biloxi

Mississippi is the only state never to have a female congressman, U.S. senator, or governor.
That’s why the Mississippi Gulf Coast League of Women voters have a lot on their plate, trying to change that standard. Over dinner, the League of Women Voters had their annual meeting at the DeMiller Hall in Biloxi tonight.
The keynote speaker was there to discuss a brand new conference called ‘Ready to Run’ to the group, aimed at encouraging women to run for public office. Stennis Center for Public Service Leadership Program Director Jenn Gregory said, “Mississippi is one of only two states in the nation that has never sent a woman to congress and we’ve never elected a woman governor. You combine those statistics and Mississippi is the only state in that category. So, we definitely have a lot of room for women in public office and our goal is to train them, equip them and hopefully get more women elected.”
The very first ‘Ready to Run’ conference will be held in Jackson this August. To find out more information, visit Stennis.gov.

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