Ku Klux Klan Video in Mississippi and Response

A video has surfaced of a KKK group, the United Dixie White Knights, threatening members of the Mississippi Rising Coalition.

Members who were personally called out in the video addressed the issue during a press conference in ocean springs this morning.

News 25’s Caroline Eaker has our report.

“I mean you see these …. And these whites getting married and you see these homosexuals and stuff performing these acts and stuff like that with their little gay parades.”

  • KKK video

White hoods and burning crosses are not a thing of the past, as evidenced by members of the local NAACP and the Mississippi Rising Coalition who were alerted to a ten minute YouTube video posted by the United Dixie White Knights, which named them personally.

The video has since been taken down, but not before News 25 obtained a copy of it.

“And you got these liberal homosexual groups out there like Mississippi Rising Coalition who shouldn’t even exist in my great state of Mississippi Old Lea Campbell out there wanting to spread her garbage about our organization and say we are a group or band of bigots.”

Words not taken lightly by Leah Campbell, President Of The Mississippi Rising Coalition, a group that has been vocal and consistent in their opinions about the state flag and their drive and petitions to have the Mississippi State Flag, changed to a flag without the confederate battle emblem, a symbol Campbell and others in the group find offensive.

The threatening video has not stopped Campbell, Mississippi Rising or members of the NAACP from exercising their rights and voicing their views, as clearly stated in a press conference at ocean springs city hall Wednesday morning in response to the on line threats against them.

“We believe you sent this to us not only to intimidate but in the hopes that we would react publicly you get your wish we are eager to confront you, your hateful bigotry, white supremacy and your allies publicly.”

  • Leah Campbell, President Of The Mississippi Rising Coalition

“We will fight also so bring it.”

In Ocean Springs Caroline Eaker, News 25.

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