Kroc Center homeschooling

When the school year rolls around, dozens of parents decide that home schooling their kids is the best choice.
Thanks to places like the Kroc Center those home schooled kids now have a way to interact with other home schooled children. The Salvation Army Kroc Center’s home school program provides social, recreational, and educational enrichment opportunities through PE, art, and music programs for students ages three and up.
The program takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays and runs in eight week long sessions. Home School Director Aaron Windham said, “We hope that not only that they get to interact with each other, but that they get to learn with music and even physical education as far as exercising properly, eating properly, those types of things. We hope that they not only have fun and learn, but add to their education basically.”
Home school classes start tomorrow, but you can still drop by the Kroc Center and sign up for any open classes.

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