Kosovo deputy PM acquitted of war crime charges

Kosovo’s deputy prime minister has been acquitted of charges that resulted from two slayings during the 1998-99 Kosovo War.

Fatmir Limaj was accused in 2016 of failing to prevent the killings of two Albanians in 1998, when he was a commander in the Kosovo Liberation Army. He also was accused of failing to find those responsible or refer the case to proper authorities.

A court in Gjakova cleared Limaj on Friday, saying prosecutors failed to prove the alleged war crimes.

The 47-year-old politician, leader of the Initiative for Kosovo party, has been acquitted on similar charges in the past.

Some 10,000 people died and 1,700 went missing during the war as separatists in Kosovo fought to break away from Serbia.

In 2008, Kosovo declared independence, which Serbia has never recognized.

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