Kindness Challenge at Woolmarket Elementary

A little kindness goes a long way: a key message the Harrison County School District has been promoting throughout the school year.

News 25’s Payton Malone takes us to Woolmarket Elementary School where a local rapper used his skills to help drive this message home.

Gulfport native Devin Wade had plenty to say as the rapper and Climb CDC mentor used his mic to share an important, but simple message with students at Woolmarket Elementary School: be nice to each other.

To drive home this message, he rapped, danced, and got down with the third and fourth grade students, a captive audience who hung on his every word. “I think that it’s needed. I was one of those kids around their age that I got bullied and I bullied kids after going through that certain stage so I know what it’s like on both ends of the coin.”

This is all part of the Harrison County School District’s on going Great Kindness Challenge launched in January after the district earned national distinction as a kindness-certified school district.

Although the students danced and laughed, they weren’t lost on the overall lesson of how serious and important it is to spread and share kindness with each other. Third grader Allie said, “The world has really mean people and it hurts everyone’s feelings. I mean, you don’t want other people to be mean to you.”

They also learned what to do if they witness someone being bullied. Third grader Elijah said, “If they get hurt, I can try to comfort them and if somebody is rude to them I can tell a teacher.”

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