Keesler Federal honors First Responders of the Year

The seventh annual Keesler Federal First Responder of the Year event honors those who put their lives on the line each and every day for their communities.

In a dual ceremony in Ocean Springs, Keesler Federal is honoring both the Ocean Springs police and fire departments.

Keesler Federal has asked response agencies to name recipients to honor for their sacrifice and service.

The program started on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and has since expanded into the Jackson metro area, Louisiana, and Alabama. Ocean Springs Firefighter Samantha Guthrie said, “Our peers vote for us or vote for who they felt like this deserving and I got that and that was very humbling even to hear some of the things they said. So, it was nice to be recognized for that.”

Keesler Federal Director of Retail for the Eastern Region Gary Fulton said, “All of them are doing a great job 24/7. You know, whether it’s an EMT issue, a fire department issue, or police department. These are our frontline warriors, defending us, and keeping us safe when we’re asleep or when we need protection.”

Samantha Guthrie from Ocean Springs Fire and John Rhodes from Ocean Springs police were chosen as First Responder of the year, winning the trophy and gift card for their outstanding service.

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