Keesler Family Honored for Service

The City of Biloxi honors a Keesler family for their years of service and dedication toward the Biloxi Lighthouse.
Amanda and Brian Margavich are set to re-station in just a few short weeks. The couple has kept the lighthouse for the past seven years, cleaning, decorating, and giving tours to thousands.
When they first arrived in Biloxi back in 1999 the lighthouse was not open to the public on a regular basis. “They said they wanted to have it open, but didn’t have the manning to do it. We started volunteering back when we were dating. We later had our wedding ceremony there back in 2001 and then when we moved back in 2010 they had our keys ready for us and welcomed us back with open arms,” said Brian.
The couple says it’ll be hard to hand over the keys, but they’re thankful they can see a live shot of the lighthouse on YouTube at any time.

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