Keeping pets safe during fireworks

Fourth of July is just a few days away. For the employees at Jackson County Animal Shelter that means they are about to see a lot more animals.

Shelter employees say the Monday after the Fourth of July is one of their busiest days of the year. This is because animals get startled by the fireworks and run away from their homes.

The shelter recommends keeping your pets indoors during this holiday weekend in a confined crate or room with music or the TV on.

They also say you need to make sure your pet has their collar on with their ID and they have an up to date microchip.

Many of the animals who end up at the shelter after Fourth of July go unclaimed. Maridee Bond Mallette with the Jackson County Animal Shelter said, “Our reclaim rate is usually not very high for animals going home especially after July Fourth or even after storms. Thunder and lightning, all of that scares them. That is why people need to keep them up, but the reclaim rate is not very high.”

If your animal goes missing over the holiday weekend, it is recommended that you go to the shelters in person to look for them instead of just calling.

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