Japan court sentences Peruvian to hang for killing 6 people

A Japanese court on Friday sentenced a Peruvian man to hang for killing six people over several days in 2015 near Tokyo.

The Saitama District Court convicted 32-year-old Jonathan Nakada of the murders committed in Kumagaya, north of Tokyo. Kyodo News agency reported he was also found guilty of related robbery charges.

Nakada broke into three homes over three days in September 2015, killing a couple in the 50s in one house and an 84-year-old woman in another.

Police arrested Nakada at the final home where he killed a 41-year-old woman and her two daughters, aged 7 and 10. During his arrest Nakada slashed himself several times in the arm, crossed his chest and then threw himself off the house’s second-story.

The court dismissed his lawyers’ argument he was mentally ill and should be acquitted. Judge Naoto Sasaki said investigators showed Nakada’s intention was robbery-murder and that he was fully aware of the consequences.

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