Jackson County Residents Hope for Removal of Empty Slabs

Almost a decade after Katrina and some parts of the Gulf Coast are still suffering with empty slabs.
News 25’s Laurene Callander caught up with residents in Jackson County who say they have been dealing with the slabs for far too long.
Ten years after Katrina, slabs are still sitting throughout Jackson County and are a constant reminder of the painful 2005 disaster.
Sylvia Cates, a Gulf Park Estates resident, said, “It’s depressing every day you get up, you see the lawns aren’t cut, there’s no homes, there’s no neighbors. They had to leave because the insurance took so long, they have nothing. It’s just really disappointing and I hate to see them all go but it’s just, it’s just sad.”
Marge and Larry Bitler have lived on their property in Gulf Park Estates for over 30 years. “The one thing that bothers me is we were told right after the hurricane that within 5 years, they’d have all these slabs here and down there all pulled out. The only two that have been taken out were the two right next to us, they were done by them, the people that own the property.” The couple says Gulf Park Estates is a beautiful place to live. The only problem is the slabs: “I think if they just start getting rid of these slabs and make Gulf Park Estates the way it was, I think, everything will be okay.”
Residents hope to see county leaders bring this issue to light and clean up the area as soon as possible.

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