Jackson Co. Animal Shelter Unusually Crowded

In the past two days, over 50 animals have been brought to the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

Michelle Dubose was at the shelter Tuesday looking for a new companion. She was shocked when she found out the shelter had taken in more than 40 animals the past 48 hours. Dubose says, "Actually, I just found that out today and it’s kind of surprising. So I’ve been coming here and I’m really excited because I hope I see a dog today that I want."

Dozens of animals left without a home within the past two days were surrendered by their owners. One man alone brought in 12 dogs, a mom with her five puppies, plus six puppies from a previous litter. Shelter officials want to stress the importance of getting your pets fixed. Diane Robinson, Director of the Jackson County Animal Shelter, says, "Please, please, please spay and neuter your animals. A lot of these animals that came in were puppies."

People may believe the influx of new animals at the shelter is the result of people adopting pets over the holiday season and deciding that they just don’t want them anymore. However, animal shelter officials say that isn’t the case and these animals are brand new to the shelter. Robinson also says, "These are not animals that came from here. They weren’t adopted from other shelters. They’ve just been hung around. People brought them in."

The shelter in Gautier can comfortably house around 200 animals, but if this trend of large groups of animals coming in at a time continues, and suitable families for these animals are not found, the shelter may have to take last resort action, something they don’t want to do. Robinson closes, "Nobody likes to deal with it, nobody likes to talk about it, but the reality is if you’re bringing us 41 animals in one day and two got adopted yesterday, that puts us in a spot where at times we have to euthanize for space."

The shelter has been filled with volunteers and many people have dropped off supplies as well. Everyone is hoping more people like Dubose will come give a home to these furry friends and maybe save a life in the process.

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