Jackson Co. Animal Shelter is Overflowing with Pets in Need of Homes & Fosters

The Jackson County Animal Shelter is once again overflowing with animals in need of a forever home. The Shelter is also looking for people willing to open their homes on a temporary basis to foster animals that are too young for adoption or that just need a little more time to find their perfect family.

“We are already starting to see an increase of kittens and puppies,” says Shelter Director Diane Robinson who explains that due to the longer periods of warm temperature, the breeding season is much longer here than other parts of the country. “Our shelter has quickly become inundated with more than it can house so we’d like to ask people to please consider visiting the shelter if they are thinking about adding a new pet to the family.”

Local rescue groups have been helping relieve some of the overflow by transporting animals to other areas of the United States on a fairly regular basis. However, the number of incoming strays and owner surrenders continues to outweigh the demand for adoptable pets which means animals are having to be humanely euthanized for space – something no shelter wants to do.

Therefore, the shelter is asking residents to help by adopting or fostering animals to help alleviate some of the overcrowding.

Adopting an animal only costs $50 and that rate includes:

•Spay and neutering
•Certificate of examination from JC Veterinary Society
•Initial vaccinations
•Preventative Worming

Current pet owners are also encouraged to microchip their animals. This service is offered at the shelter for just $10 and it is the best way to ensure a pet is returned quickly to its owner.

Spaying and Neutering pets is imperative!
In addition, pet owners are strongly encouraged to spay and neuter the animals they do have. This procedure has several benefits including a reduced number of unwanted animals that ultimately end up in the shelter. Spaying and neutering also helps eliminate objectionable behavior and reduces the chances of developing certain types of cancer and life-threatening infections.

About the Jackson County Animal Shelter

Location/Contact Info:
Jackson County Animal Shelter
4400 Audubon Lane in Gautier
(adjacent to the soccer fields)

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. – 2p.m.

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