Indiana Family is Reunited with Their Dog, Ginger

Earlier this summer, an Indiana family was visiting relatives on the Gulf Coast when the unthinkable happened. The family’s dog, Ginger, ran away and it looked as though they would never find her. This sad story has a happy ending thanks to help of a local organization.

In July, Carrie Swan and her ten year old daughter, Taylor, had to make the sad trip back to Indiana after losing their beloved dog, Ginger. Swan says, “Ginger’s a part of our family. She’s always been a part of our family. She is definitely one of my kids. It’s hard to explain ‘cause I mean, I know she’s an animal, but to lose something that close to you, it’s really heartbreaking and it’s really hard to get through.”

The family made the trip back to the Gulf Coast Labor Day weekend, but still could not find Ginger, but thanks to the organization, Tired Dog Rescue, Ginger was found. Terry Casillas with Tired Dog Rescue says, “Once we started knocking on doors, people started saying they saw her. We started getting excited and more and more of the girls in my group and the guys in my group actually were going through the neighborhood at multiple times of the day and trying to find her and we were getting closer and closer and we finally got her.”

After months of separation, News 25 finally reunited the Swan family was with Ginger Friday at the WXXV studio. Swan also says, “When you first initially see the animal, it’s just an amazing feeling, it’s like everything just came together and it’s now gonna’ be fine.”

Swan and her family will soon be returning to Indiana, but this time with their best friend, Ginger. The family already knows what Ginger’s first meal will be when they get home.

Swan closes, “Oh, she’s getting a steak. Whatever she wants, she gets it.”

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