Improvements Coming to Landon Road in Gulfport

Recent and continuing growth in the area northwest of Highway 49 in Gulfport is the driving force behind an effort to bring improvements to its road ways.
News 25’s Kristen Durand shows us what may be up ahead as city leaders turn out plans to help make Landon Road safer for drivers and pedestrians.
The holidays almost turned deadly for Gulfport Councilwoman Cara Pucheu’s daughter Christmas night as she narrowly missed injuring a pedestrian wearing all black near Landon Road on Old Highway 49 in Gulfport. “Police came. The fire came. EMT’s came and checked him out and he was fine. She was so upset because it could have been much worse, but it appeared to just hit his backpack, but there is no shoulder, you cannot walk on it.”
Several people were injured in the 35 accidents sheriff’s deputies and police worked on Landon Road last year. At least one person was killed in a fatal accident back in 2015.
Sidewalks, extra lightning, a bike path are just some projects city leaders are discussing to make Landon Road safer to travel. “The problem is that you can’t safely ride a bike or walk. A lot of times we have people with disabilities that now have motorized wheel chairs or scooters that they ride and they do, especially up and down old Highway 49,” said Pucheu.
The new improvements could lead to safer conditions for drivers as well. With plans to widen and boulevard Landon Road from Highway 49 to the city limits and it goes beyond there as county and city leaders are working to pave the way for improvements all the way to Canal Road. “As you can see, the traffic backs up here. People actually have to stop even though they have a green left turn arrow. There’s not enough area between the tracks and Highway 49 and then you normally have to wait at least two lights on any weekend to be able to turn from Old 49 to Landon Road,” said Pucheu.
The city plans to hold a public hearing on the widening project at the end of this month.

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