ICE raids likely to occur on Coast according to local immigration lawyer

The Wednesday ICE raids in central Mississippi have left many immigrants on the Coast concerned for their futures.

John Foxworth is an immigration attorney here in Gulfport. He says that the recent ICE raids in central Mississippi have left a lot of people on the Coast uneasy. “Everyone has to be concerned because from everything that we have heard the agents that did the raids up north are now moving to the Coast. We have also heard they are stationed in the Biloxi area. So, I would anticipate if something is going to happen here on the Coast with that same group, it could be in the next couple of days.”

In the event that ICE does come to your door, Foxworth wants people to know they have certain constitutional rights, regardless of their immigration status. “They have a right to remain silent, if an agent or a government official, they have the right to not open that door. Now, if they are presented with a lawfully valid warrant, they have an obligation to comply with the terms of that warrant, but they have rights just as you and I do.”

Foxworth says that this time is especially stressful for parents, but you aren’t helpless in this situation. There are things people with kids should do now.  “If they do in fact have U.S. citizen children or other children then it is very good for them to maintain a copy of those birth certificates with them at all times, especially if it is a U.S. citizen child. We also encourage our parents to keep with them at all times a copy of any records that show that the children are in school, so if they are taken into custody they have a valid document showing, “Hey, I have a child, that child is in school” that way law enforcement can confirm that child will probably be getting out around 2:30 or 3 and will need a place to go.”

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