‘The Hurricane Show’ at Peter Anderson Festival

The hurricanes didn’t stop these artists from showcasing their artwork at the Peter Anderson Festival. The struggle to get there is told through artwork.

When they say art speaks for itself they were talking about the Hurricane Show. Two local artists, Paige Vidrine and Candice Alexander, chose to display artwork they created that was damaged in both Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles and in Hurricane Zeta here on the Coast. Vidrine said, “During Hurricane Laura her studio got completely wiped out, my business was wiped out, Lake Charles was just decimated it was terrible. So, we set up a studio here for me here in Ocean Springs that got wiped out for Zeta. The walls were gone. My art was gone, just completely under water.”

The pair did what they do best as artists and created a piece of artwork that symbolizes what they went through during this hurricane season. Alexander said, “This one probably has the most symbolism and actually while I was in Ocean Springs, the studio that we had set up here got wiped out but all of these animals, the birds, the Mississippi State bird, mocking bird, owls, peacock, the turtle, the manatee, were all symbolisms and spirit animals that I saw.”

They decided not to live in disbelief, but instead gathered everything they could, asked for help from some friends and showed up with some of their artwork at the Peter Anderson Festival.

These artists have picked up the pieces and the Hurricane Show continues. “I think there’s character in them and I think that when you go through something like this it is almost unbelievable. So, it’s just a reminder of the determination we had to get here and to come and to show up.”

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