The hunt for Richard Merritt continues

Tonight we continue our coverage of a former Georgia attorney accused of murdering his mother just hours before he was set to turn himself into prison for a 15-year sentence for defrauding his clients out nearly half a million dollars.

You may remember Gail Stuck, Richard Merritt’s aunt, who first approached News 25 with the idea that her 44-year-old nephew, accused of killing his mother, could be hiding out somewhere on the Coast.

That was three weeks ago. Tonight, the hunt continues well into its second month. It was Robert Merritt who spoke of his brother’s guilt and the minimal possibility of Richard actually being on the Gulf Coast.

According to Robert, U.S. marshals now have a theory leading to Saudi Arabia where Richard lived for a time as a child, but he’s not convinced.

The idea of Richard being in the Middle East may not appeal to his brother, but the fact that he could have left the U.S. has become reality.

A case like this could take months, even years to solve, but the Merritt family continues to hold out hope.

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