House Fire in Biloxi

A loud noise, smoke and discovering his house was on fire. That was how Joe Gayden’s morning started.
“Boom, boom boom. And I got up and said man somebody done tore my truck up. And everybody heard it. So I got up and looked and saw the fire coming through the air conditioning unit,” said Gayden.
Shortly after 4 this morning, the Biloxi Fire Department was called to Gayden’s house at the corner of Keller Avenue and Copp Street.
Firefighters not only saved Gayden from the fire, but also from another danger.
“It was laying in the road right there, a live wire. So they did me a favor because I was stepping barefoot and didn’t have any shoes on. I could’ve gotten electrocuted. They saved my life, too.”
“The fire fighters extinguished the fire. Investigators came out and did an investigation on it. And it appears at this time that it was an electrical fire that happened on the exterior of the building on an outside outlet,” said Mark Dronet of the Biloxi Fire Department.
Now all Gayden can do is start over and rebuild a home he bought more than 40 years ago and renovated with his own two hands.
“I remodeled all of it. This was an ancient house. Back in the 1950’s and I did all the remodeling stuff. I did all the trim work and windows and all that stuff. I put new windows in. And the back park, I designed all of that. And the gazebo, I built that.”

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