Honoring Sophia Myers’ birthday

Today would have been Sophia Myers’ eighth birthday. In honor of her birthday, the Ocean Springs Lion’s Club put together the All Creatures Big and Small pet and food supply drive.
News 25’s Taylor Rubach has more on the donation drive and the outpour of support from the Gulf Coast community.
The Jackson County Animal Shelter is flooding with pet supplies and it’s all thanks to the Ocean Springs Lion’s Club for putting together a donation drive in honor of Sophia Myers. Sophia’s mom, Angel Myers, said, “This is bringing a positive out of a tragedy. She should be here, but she’s not here. Let’s keep her legacy alive and what she loved and believed in which is being kind to animals and taking care of the earth and other people.”
A legacy which will now live on for the years to come: remembering Sophia’s passion on her birthday. Sophia’s dad, Josh Myers, said, “I know Sophia would love to be out here with us, which is hard, but she’s always loved animals. Any kind of animals. It’s kind of like she’s here with us and it gets our mind off of it for a few seconds.”
“Each year that she’s going to be remembered in such a special way. You know, I’m just so proud of her and proud of this community. Y’all are the best people. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is full of the best people and we thank them,” said Angel.
Supplies were donated to the Jackson County Animal Shelter including $2,500 in monetary donations. Jackson County Animal Shelter Adoption Coordinator Maridee Mallette said, “At least three thousand pounds worth of food and about one thousand pounds worth of other items including bowls, Dawn soap, laundry soap, bleach.”
A labor of love all thanks to Sophia, who’s touched so many hearts across the Gulf Coast, but when it comes to remembering Sophia and fighting to end a deadly disease, her parents are just getting started. “I’d like to thank her parents for being strong through this whole thing and wish Sophia a happy birthday in heaven,” said Mallette.
“We’re going to spend the rest of our lives trying to protect other children from it, finding a cause and finding a cure that will be our next step when we can pick ourselves up.” “It can’t happen to you, but it can.” “That’s why people should care.”

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