Home Instead home care agency gives clients healthy living program

The local home-care agency Home Instead is looking to assist senior citizens in some new and improved ways.

Home Instead is utilizing their new program called the ‘companionship diet’ to improve the quality of life for seniors. The program promotes nutritional healthy living to residents while giving them companionship. Home Instead Client Mary Bates said, “When you’re by yourself, it can be lonely and here you have the companionship of the caregivers plus the friends that you make.”

According to Home Instead Client Care Coordinator Chris Thompson, the average senior citizen skips four meals a week when they do not have a companion to eat with.

Through the program, caretakers are able to make sure their clients are kept company through games and conversations and staying healthy with good nutritional diets. Thompson said, “This diet really promotes the time with the caregivers to spend time, talk about things, stories and share important events and really build relationships while preparing a healthy and nutritious meal.”

The organization also offers help to their clients in anything else they may need as long as it is not medical. “We have CNAs, certified nursing assistants, and home health aids who come into your home and they help you with activities in daily living like meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminders, personal care, things like that.”

The Gulf Coast’s Home Instead franchise has been in operation for 19 years. Home Instead Caregiver Barbara Williams said, “It makes me feel that I am giving back. It makes me feel that I’m always able to go home at night and know that I’ve done something good for someone.”

For more information call 228-818-6110.

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