Highway 90 lane closed to remove skeletal remains in Biloxi

Experts are moving forward to remove skeletal remains near Highway 90 that were discovered in 2018 during construction for a water line.

This is a $25 million project federally funded by FEMA.

Through ground penetrating radar, researchers believe there are potentially six more skeletal remains along this route. The new water line was dug deeper so no other graves became disturbed.

The coroner’s report says the remains are from a white male that was fairly young.

On this team of researchers are USM Anthropologist Dr. Marie Danforth and Haley Streuding, a Neel Schaffer archaeologist. Neel Schaffer Environment Department Manager Cori Gavin said, “We should have it all completed by tomorrow. Monday, we will be moving all the dirt back to its place. We’ve found parts of metatarsals yesterday, a femur yesterday. We’re finding bones already and hope to uncover all of him today and if not we will finish tomorrow.”

That part of Highway 90 will be closed off until Friday at 5 p.m. The City of Biloxi expects the road to be back open again for weekend traffic.

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