Highway 49 southbound lanes at railroad tracks now closed

MDOT tells us all six lanes of Highway 49 will close Tuesday night beginning at 7.

The lane closures shifted over the weekend with the northbound lanes reopened. Right now, just the southbound lanes are closed.

The I-10 exits for Highway 49 south are also closed.

If you’re traveling south on 49, you’ll be forced to detour at Landon Road and Crossroads Shopping Center, otherwise, you will have to get on I-10.

The big headaches will come Tuesday night, when both north and southbound lanes of Highway 49 will close.

MDOT officials say they plan on reopening Highway 49 to traffic on Thursday which is actually about two days ahead of schedule.

The closures have been necessary as Kansas City Southern Railroad and MDOT worked together to replace the railroad tracks near I-10 and Creosote Road.

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