Helping Pets In The Pinebelt

Also part of the community outreach in the Pinebelt this weekend… A special supply drive and distribution, for pet owners affected by the storm damage.
Southern Pines Animal Shelter received over 25 thousand dollars, worth pet supplies, courtesy of PetSmart charities.
The animal shelter spent Saturday afternoon patrolling the areas impacted by the storm where they gave out supplies to help relieve the burden on pet owners who lost everything to the tornado.

“The outpouring of support has been really wonderful to see. the number of supplies given out, the number of people ready to lend a hand and help us distribute these items has been really great and what we’ve been met with in the communities are people that love their pets. We’ve seen a lot of people holding puppies and dogs wagging their tails and to know that they now have food and shelter and the things that they need to be more comfortable.. It’s a part of the recovery process and we’re glad to play a part.”
– Ginny Sims Director, Southern Pines Animal Shelter

A southern pine has seen a sizable influx of animals at their shelter since the tornado hit Hattiesburg on January 21st.

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