Heavy Rain Causes River Flooding on the Coast

With more rain in the forecast and already saturated ground, local rivers are on the rise and may go even higher. News 25 spoke to riverbank homeowners and emergency personnel about the dangers these spring showers may bring.

Hundreds of homes across the Coast are on the water, and whether it’s by the Gulf, a bayou, lake, or a river, it’s a way of life. Bruno Milanese, owner of Bay Pest Control and a riverside homeowner, says, "You wake up every morning, you look out your window, and you’re looking at the Tchoutacabouffa River, you just can’t beat that."

But these views come with a price, as the residents of Wells Landing know all too well. The area floods on average several times a year. Milanese also says, "We had vehicles here and we were out of town and the water came up, and had to call my neighbor and tell them where the car keys were and they moved the cars for us, but there have been people who have gotten trapped in their houses."

Skies across the Gulf Coast were predominantly free for rain Wednesday morning, but more is expected in the coming days. The Biloxi River is already at flood stage and the Tchoutacabouffa not far away, the real flood danger will come in the form of river runoff from the north. Rupert Lacy, Director of the Harrison County Emergency Management Agency, says, "We’re paying attention to the rainfall in Pearl River County, the Biloxi River. We’re worried about Stone County and western Stone County that affects that river. So we can see water come up even when it’s not raining down here."

Lacy recommends joining their emergency call list or using smart phones to stay informed with the latest info on weather and flood conditions. Milanese closes, "We always have to think is it going to flood and start preparing in our minds what has to go where and who has to do what, just get a game plan together."

If you’d like to be placed on the Harrison County emergency alert list, you can sign up for first call alerts on Harrison County’s website or call (228) 865-4002.

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