Heat Wave Brings Potential Health Hazards to Beach Goers

If you were lucky enough to spend the day on the beach today, there is no doubt you broke out in a sweat. It’s hot!!
On Biloxi beach, the temperature was around 91 degrees but felt warmer due to a heat index of 104. Today marked the second official day of summer and it’s important to remember to stay hydrated, especially in temperatures about 90.
James Still works on the beach during the summer from 8 to 6 and he says he has a hard time making sure he does not pass out from the heat: “Last, I saw it was like 94 degrees and it’s been real hot today. I mean, I’ve been sweating a lot. I’ve drank almost a gallon of water, so yeah, it’s been pretty hot today.”
Fatigue begins to develop when your body temperature reaches 80 to 90 degrees. Heat cramps and sun strokes can begin when your body temperature is higher than 90 degrees.
You can fight dehydration and heat strokes by drinking plenty of water and covering your body with cool clothing and hats.

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