Harrison County Sheriff’s Deputy fired after viral video

A Coast resident’s viral video of a Harrison County Sheriff’s Deputy using excessive force to transport an inmate into a van has led to the termination of the deputy.

News 25 first brought you this video on Tuesday after an investigation was opened by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office. It was determined the deputy was required to use force to place the inmate in the transport van to return the inmate to the Harrison County Jail. An administrative hearing was held today and as a result, the deputy was terminated for violation of departmental policies and procedures.

Peachrich McLemore recorded the video and tells News 25 why exactly she was concerned. “It made me feel bad, for one, because that could have been my child. It wasn’t my child, I did not know the gentlemen even the officers kept asking if I knew who the gentleman was and I told them I didn’t know who the gentleman was and he kept asking me why did I record it because they slammed his head in the back of that vehicle, but it makes me feel bad to know these people are getting treated like this in the hands of authority. Just because you are authority you can’t mistreat people you cannot mistreat people like that. That is somebody’s child, that is somebody’s brother, uncle or whatever. And above anything, that’s a human being.”

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