Harrison County Sheriff’s Department Receives New Badges

Law enforcement officials took part in a special and very rare ceremony in Gulfport this afternoon.
The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department held a badge ceremony to recognize the transformation from the old badges to the new ones. The department has been wearing the former six-star badge since 1984.
Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson tells News 25 he looks forward to making many changes in the department. “It’s time for a change, ya know. We’re trying to bring on a new light to the sheriff’s department. We’re trying to bring a positive attitude and a positive change to the sheriff’s department. It’s something that I think everyone will look forward to and we’ve been waiting for this for a long time. It brought a lot of positive, I mean, just the room today was electric. It was a great day.”
Drug forfeiture money paid for the new badges. Each badge cost about $56.

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