Harrison County Joins Steppin’ Up Campaign

One Coast county is trying to do its part to keep people with serious mental illnesses out of jail and get the help they need.
The Harrison County Board of Supervisors recently agreed to join the Steppin’ Up Initiative. Each year, the national Steppin’ Up Initiative estimates two million people with serious mental illnesses are admitted to jails across the nation. Along with that, taxpayer money is wasted when money is spent trying to help these inmates while in jail when better help can be found elsewhere.
Board Supervisor Beverly Martin tells News 25 for Mississippi cut funding hurts us even more. “With the state cutting funding to the health department, to the mental health in particular, there’s nowhere to take them. This initiative will help identify where to take them and are there other areas where we could come up with other than the jail.”
The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department says to their knowledge this is the first time the county has participated in this initiative.

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