Hancock County school bus too hot

Hancock County students are dealing with extreme temperatures on the bus ride home. News 25’s Caroline Eaker talks with the school district and upset parent about the hot bus.
Many parents across Hancock County are upset after seeing a Facebook post by a mother who stated that her eighth grade child returned home after riding the school bus, saying he ‘almost died on the bus.’ Kellie Underwood told News 25 in part that her son said the air conditioning was not properly working and the bus was extremely hot. She said her child showed visible signs of being too hot.
Students in Hancock County were in the hot seat literally when a bus driver told them that they had to keep the windows on the bus rolled up despite the heat. Hancock County School District Superintendent Alan Dedeaux spoke to us on the phone. “Unfortunately this time of year is extremely hot and you got to think a bus like that, trying to cool it and you have students coming on the bus. It’s kind of difficult this time of the year, but we are working on it.”
Another issue for parents arose when Underwood made a second Facebook post with a video taken by a child on the bus. The video shows Hancock County School District Transportation Director Michael Ladner addressing the children about the issue. “It ain’t that bad on here, but y’all are going home and telling y’all’s parents how bad it is. It is going to get worse if I give you that other bus and that is my only other option.”
The video goes on to say that the children have a choice between having the windows down and no air on or having their air on while keeping the windows up. The full video of Hancock County School District Transportation Director Michael Ladner addressing kids after hearing multiple complaints from parents about their kids coming home overheated from a lack of air on buses can be seen on WXXV News 25’s Facebook Page.

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