Hancock County Deputy Assaulted

Last night, a Hancock County sheriff deputy’s routine check of a stopped vehicle in Pearlington turned violent.
The deputy was attacked by three men, becoming the most recent victim of a disturbing trend in America.
Sheriff Ricky Adam of Hancock County said, “We’re really concerned, not just over our officer, but the whole trend in this county. You know, it looks like the police have become the target and that’s disturbing.”
Hancock County Officials tell News 25, its normal for an officer to check a stopped vehicle to see if they’re broken down and need help. As the deputy approached the blue Lincoln Town Car, he smelled marijuana. There was only one person in the car when two men jumped from the woods and attacked the deputy. “My deputy is doing okay. He’s beat up. Apparently he was cut across the forehead with very sharp object. Maybe a box cutter possibly or a real shark knife. He’s beat up, but he’s going to be okay,” said Sheriff Adam.
The officer was taken to the Hancock Medical Center where he was treated for his injuries and later released.
Cars driven by the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department are not equipped with dash cameras. The sheriff’s department says all investigations will be done by them and area law enforcement. Detectives are currently pursuing leads they have received.
If you have any information to help with this case, please call the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office at 228-255-9191

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