Hancock Bank rebrands

This morning, crews scrubbed off all signs on Hancock Bank in downtown Gulfport and put up new ones.

The bank, owned by Mississippi parent Hancock Holding Company, announced it is rebranding and will now be called Hancock Whitney.

Hancock Bank officials tell News 25 the new brand and name change celebrates the history and enduring relationship between the two banks. The name will officially change on May 25th which will also mark the 100th anniversary of the first transaction made between Whitney Bank and Hancock Bank.

Mississippi President of Hancock Bank Keith Williams said, “As far as customer impact we are hoping that it will be easier for them so should not be any significant impact. We will get new credit cards, debit cards, and those types of things in the mail, but account numbers are the same. We want our customers to continue to use the financial centers that they are using now. Still dealing with the same experienced bankers that we have throughout the footprint so hopefully it will be easier for them.”

The company will remain headquartered in Gulfport and the bank will continue to operate under a Mississippi state charter.

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