Gulfport Police hold scouting combine


Those vying for a spot to protect and serve were put to work this weekend in Gulfport. They performed breech drills during their ‘scouting combine’ on Saturday. The event allowed them to show off their department, staff, and equipment to potential applicants. Attendees were also able to speak with staff, tour the police station, and get a better understanding of the role and responsibilities that go along with working for Gulfport police.

Sergeant Jason Ducre explains that the scouting combine allowed a different side of policing to be seen that many are unaware of.

“I became a police officer because I wanted to make a difference I wanted to become something bigger than myself and I had a desire to serve my community so that’s why I became an officer but everybody got a difference reason so if you want to become a police officer I hope today was an opportunity to see some of the cool things that we do.”

The police department is looking to fill positions for about 20 police officers, as well as positions for dispatchers and community service technicians. If you’re interested in applying you can email or call Sergeant Ducre, there’s monthly civil service test.

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