Gulfport Police Department seeking new officers

The Gulfport Police Department is looking for men and women with a penchant for service amid staffing shortages along the Coast.

The department will start officers with no experience at $39,000 per year, including benefits.

Candidates must complete the civil service exam which is set for November 18th as well as a series of physical tests the same day.

If the candidate then passes a background check, they will enter the department’s field training program before heading off to the Harrison County Training Academy.

Gulfport Police Chief Chris Ryles says he’s looking for candidates who are passionate about making a difference on the local level. “A good quality is — you just talk to somebody, you know, have that conversation. Because it’s just not law enforcement enforcing the laws. You know, we wear many hats. We’re social workers, we’re parents, we’re teachers, we’re psychologists, and so you have to be able to have that communication to connect with our community.”

Those interested in public service can contact police recruiter Jason Ducre or apply through the department’s website.

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