Gulfport Police Department is Recruiting

The new year is bringing new opportunities in making sure streets are kept safe in Gulfport. The Gulfport Police Department is beginning 2017 with a change in how they recruit officers.
The recent violence against police officers across the country brings to light the risk involved in choosing a career in law enforcement. Sergeant Joshua Bromen said, “It’s a serious consideration when someone goes to their family at 21 or 22 and says, ‘Hey, I want to join law enforcement.'”
Officer involved shootings and attacks have changed what it means to wear the badge. In a city of more than 71,000 people to protect, Gulfport police realized they had to make some changes in how they recruit officers. “It’s important that we stay aggressive and stay on top of recruiting and make sure that the citizens of Gulfport and the City of Gulfport doesn’t suffer,” said Bromen.
A new recruiting video produced by Dustin Williams, a Southern Mississippi student studying criminal justice, was made aiming to attract the next generation of Gulfport police officers. “They wanted to target people my age. I’m in my 20s, just starting a career and building a family and things like that. I kind of thought about what I would want in a job,” said Williams.
Gulfport police wanted to showcase not just the police department and the different law enforcement units, but also the city. “Seeing the department and seeing how nice it is, you have a lot of options. Its a beautiful place to work,” said Williams.
“This is a very noble profession and we value not only our employees, but their families as well,”said Bromen.
The Gulfport Police Department has nine positions open right now. If you’re interested in taking the job: “Come to the station and I’m going to sit down with you and we’re going to talk about questions and anything you’re concerned about and we’re going to walk you through this whole process because this is a big decision,” said Bromen.

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