Gulf Coast Trojans to Hold Combine

The Coast will soon welcome a new football team. The Gulf Coast Trojans will be a minor league football team playing in the Gulf States Football League.
The team has been hosting workouts on the beach and around the Coast for prospective players and will be holding a combine tomorrow at the soccer fields at the Biloxi Dog Park. To play you must be between the ages of 18 and 35.
While winning on the field will be the goal of the Trojans, they also plan to give back to the community off the field. Assistant Coach Rickey Toles said, “For instance, we’ll pull up at the Prudie Circle park where you have 10-15 peewee teams out there. We’ll have the tables so you can sit up and help them with homework. We’ll have tires so kids can flip over tires until it is time for them to practice. We’ll fill in voids by sending players out to each team to try to help those guys help the coaches out and what not. We’re also looking at getting into classrooms and schools and helping out with reading programs and math programs along the Coast.”
For more information on the Trojans, visit their Facebook page at

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