Gulf Coast Restoration Fund Advisory Board meeting

The Gulf Coast Restoration Fund Advisory Board is meeting today to have what could possibly be their final meeting.

The GCRF Advisory Board has been meeting since early April to determine what projects on the Coast would receive money from the BP oil spill settlement.

At their previous meeting, they narrowed down the fund applications to 29.

During today’s meeting they are doing a thorough, comprehensive vetting of the projects that still remain and narrowing that number down even more. GCRF Advisory Board Chairman Ashley Edwards said, “We’re looking for things that could be game changers. We’re looking for things that could be transformational. Projects that have a big impact that ultimately have a big effect here on our Coast long term and those are the things we have been hoping to find through this process. We are taking a deep look at the projects, wanting to make sure that we find the right type of investment for the long term future of the Coast.”

If final decisions are not made today, they could hold another meeting before sending their final recommendations to Jackson prior to January’s legislative session. Then legislature will make the ultimate decision on who will be funded.

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