Guitar strings recycling event at Mississippi Music

Mississippi Music played their part in helping clean up our Earth by hosting a free recycle and restring event on Saturday.
Musicians brought in their old guitar strings as part of disposing them properly so they won’t end up in the water systems. In return, musicians got their acoustic or electric guitars restrung with D’Addario brand strings for free.
All strings collected are recycled through Playback, D’addario’s free national recycling program. Mississippi Music Repair Tech Donnie Michael said, “We think it’s important to recycle the strings because so it doesn’t have precious metals in landfills so it’s not wasted. It goes to good use and recycling you can make another guitar string or jewelry or whatever.”
D’Addario partners with Terra-Cycle, a leader in recycling non-recyclable waste, working to reduce their company’s packaging waste and use the most environmentally responsible packaging available.

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