Governor Reeves gives tropical update

This morning, Governor Tate Reeves briefed state residents on what they should expect during tropical systems.

Reeves also announced the states of Florida and South Carolina are pitching in to help Mississippi with storm prep this week.

The governor and MEMA Director Greg Michel encouraged residents to not only be weather aware, but to remember COVD-19 regulations during this time as well.

State officials say due to the COVID-19 outbreak public shelters should only be used as a last resort. “Utilizing the shelters that will be open should they need to be open in our coastal counties and throughout should be a last option. And the reason it should be a last option is because during COVID-19 the opportunity to properly socially distance and wearing a mask limits the amount of people that we can put in our shelters and it is clearly from a risk-reward standpoint. In the times of COVID-19, congregant shelters are not ideal.”

Instead of public shelters, the governor asks residents to find shelter with friends or family members in safer locations if the need arises.

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